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Preparation for cesspool, sewage treatment plants and livestock facilities. Removes unpleasant odors. Sufficient for 12 months. Contains up to 3.4 billion bacteria in a measuring cup.

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The bio-product is intended to improve environmental and sanitary conditions in non-bedding facilities and to microbiological treatment of sewage and sewage in sewage treatment plants, lagoons, cesspools, slurry and liquid manure tanks, in other facilities and facilities of similar nuisance and loads (pollution, contamination and infection), to improve the physico-chemical and sanitary-hygienic parameters of contaminated reservoirs, also to eliminate unpleasant odors and microbial contamination in the vicinity of such facilities. Biopreparation is used in an amount of 20 grams per 1 m3 of sewage or anticipated waste every 14 days.